Biocientífica and the community (CSR)

We understand Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) as the link that each company establishes and cultivates with its publics in order to generate social bonds that favor competitiveness and long-term business, while at the same time contributing to the sustainable improvement of life conditions of the society where it develops.

In Biocientífica for over 30 years we sustained an understanding of our organization aimed at strengthening relationships with customers, suppliers, distributors, the local community, employees, managers and partners.

Biocientífica has a policy of listening, understanding and satisfying the needs of our environment. We aim to generate interactive networks characterized by their reciprocity, trust, solidarity, mutuality, flexibility and harmonization of conflict. In the knowledge society, capacity building is a key tool for social and personal development. Therefore, we actively contribute to education and continuous training, for our environment and for ourselves.


  • Organization of training events for the community
  • Support to research institutes, schools, universities and scientific events
  • Professional update service through electronic newsletters and social media
  • Creation of free dissemination materials: image atlas and formative videos
  • Collaboration in undergraduate and graduate courses
  • Donation of reagents for public university education
  • Continuous training of our staff